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Whitby Holiday Cottage Renovation project from the roadWhitby Holiday Cottage Renovation


SECOND VIDEO TOUR HERE scroll down this page for the first one.

The biggest and boldest project so far.

The renovation of very old (possibly 17 century or earlier) cottage as sympathetically as possible to end up with a highly desirable holiday home.

It'll involve loads of research and learning old and new skills so it'll work for us and be a bit of heritage for us to pass on.

The "Other Half" and myself will be blogging about the process and progress.

See the cottage renovation blog posts here



Views from whitby holiday cottageI'll be covering the research, investigations, technical, skills, details in what I hope will be a useful fashionhere on the website. So far:

Knocking out and rebuilding a fireplace

Repairing the Pantile roof from the inside

Repairing Rotten Beam or Joist Ends

Hand Hewing a New Beam straight from a tree

Chimney Jenga - rebuilding the stack without demolishing it

Fitting the Hand Hewn Beam and Column

Skinny 2 Board Scaffolding for the re-roofing

Installing Flue Liner, method and cost

We're after any help, information or advice you can give us regarding the history of the house, please leave your comments on the blog

Cottage History, Investigations, Research pages

Thoughts on Why researching the property's history is important

See what the initial house history investigations have revealed

The cottage's history in context project

Keep up to date on the cottage renovation via Facebook

I've set up a facebook page so we can post any progress. All you need to do is click the like (top right) and the iDoStuff page feed should come through to your News Feed or visit the page and click "like"

First tour of the cottage as we bought it

We were just a little excited to get in there for the first time and to make a start planning the renovation.

Here's the first visit after we completed. The videos and coverage will get more specific but this is where we're starting from.


Second (VIDEO) Tour - After nearly 12 months

Time for an update! VIEW IT HERE. Load of progress. All the extras that we didn't plan for and whats next on the list


Images of Whitby

QR landing - Whitby Holiday cottage