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Whitby Holiday Cottage Renovation, A look around after 11 months

Third (2 1/2 years) video now done.

The Video Tour gives a quick overview of what we've achieved so far and how far we still have to go.

Links to details about individual projects can be found at the bottom of this page (or here)


Please leave any comments or questions about the video here on the blog

Whitby Cottage Renovation, nearly one year on.

We had originally hoped to be about there with the cottage renovation by now. Then we got in and decided to go the extra yard (by that read mile) and thought we may be able to complete it by the 2013 main holiday season.
We were wrong! We had allowed enough for the fact that period properties ALWAYS take longer than you think (if you're doing it “properly” and not just a strip out/replace with modern job). It was always important to us that, although the cottage isn't listed, all renovations would be done to English Heritage standard. What we hadn't counted on was problems with the local authority (see scaffolding woes and the eventual skinny scaffold solution), asbestos removal, new roof, a cast iron bath floating in mid air and chimney jenga to name but a few.

On a positive note the stripping out is almost all done and the vast majority has even been taken to the dump! We are now onto the putting back in stage. I say we but there's no toilet so for that read Stuff Doer only, Other Half’s don’t like using buckets.  The plumbing and heating, electrics and even a level and supported bathroom floor are all well underway.

When the new roof is on, we’ll be able to make progress on the attic rooms. In the meantime are plenty of walls, ceilings, floors and woodwork to restore.  With it getting close to this stage Other Half is thinking ahead to colours, carpets and curtains etc.

Forward Planning for furnishing as a Holiday Cottage  
By “Other Half”

Now for the fun stuff.  Furnishing. I have pretty much been given cart blanche. We had decided from the beginning that our Whitby cottage would be fitted out to the highest standard. Our wish would be that our guests will want for nothing. Ultimately it will be our home that we will share, a home from home (or better in our case). I like to cook, I appreciate that most people don't go on holiday to entertain but some may, so a range is the order of the day, oh and a dishwasher and granite work surfaces (see how I slipped that one through and it's now in writing on 'tinterweb?). Stuff Doer wants surround sound cinematic thingies, I have no wish for this but appreciate that if this is on Stuff Doer's wish list it will be on a potential guest's too. Ultimately we want this to be a holiday destination which suits as many people as possible. For our own ends it has to be a family property e.g. TV's/DVD players in all bedroom/living rooms, a games console and a wash house which will also store body boards/beach equipment. On the other hand we want to appeal to groups of couples for Goth week and folk week, so no bunk beds here then! We also have a large family so we need to sleep eight. The downstairs living/dining room will have a sofa bed, but that's ok as that room is served by its own toilet and the kitchen. (Read more about the Other Half's side of Stuff here on the blog)


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I'll be covering the research, investigations, technical, skills, details in what I hope will be a useful fashion here on the website. So far:

Knocking out and rebuilding a fireplace

Repairing the Pantile roof from the inside

Repairing Rotten Beam or Joist Ends

Hand Hewing a New Beam straight from a tree

Chimney Jenga - rebuilding the stack without demolishing it

Fitting the Hand Hewn Beam and Column

We're after any help, information or advice you can give us regarding the history of the house, please leave your comments on the blog

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Thoughts on Why researching the property's history is important

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