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Some of my Commercial Photoshop Artwork

I do graphic design, leaflets, adverts etc. most of it is fairly mundane but sometimes I get the opportunity to be a bit more creative. When I get a call along the lines of "Andy we want to get noticed" I can go to town a bit, usually creating artwork with photoshop.

It would be great to have big budgets for this kind of work but my clients generally aren't high spenders on marketing so I have to come up sticking images without breaking the bank. I enjoy it though and sometimes over do the work I put for the quote I given.

Below are a few examples, Click through for more details (in a bit)


Let the Cat out of the Bag - Photoshop manipulation

Cat out of the bag photoshop manipulation

A number of images, of the company's visually uninspiring product, warped to form the cat. Used for adverts, posters and exhibition graphics.

advert cat out of the bag flexible drive and tooladvert 2 cat out of the bag flexible drive and tool

Construction machine line up - photoshop reflection and shadows

Construction machine line up with reflections

Stock images ( - taken with my commercial photographer hat on) assembled in a product line up, shadows and reflections added with photoshop. Used in various forms for the catalogue cover and on the Fairport website.

Fairport Catalogue cover photoshop imageFairport Web site with photoshop product line up


Another line up of construction machines revised for advertising artwork

Revised product line up photoshop montage

This time using a modification of the catalogue background and using the photoshop "lighting effects plus added shadows for an on stage, under the spotlight effect. Used on advertising and posters with the red carpet and steps. Then again on another advert as a half page.

full page advert photoshop imagehalf page advert for fairport using photoshop image


Adding to purchased stock image making a bespoke image with photoshop

making a bespoke image from a purchased stock image

The waiter, silver tray and drink (© Steve Cukrov - available via fotolia ) with a background added, tray, drinks, positions modified plus red reflections and machines. Used on adverts and posters.

Original image of waiter and silver trayFull page advert created in photoshop


Hand drawn cartoon coloured in photoshop

In the olden days I used to colour cartoons and illustrations with water colours it's little easier now with layers in photoshop.

Cartoon coloured colored using photoshop


Eleanors homework