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Other Window Problems that may need repairs

If you've arrived here direct from a search, you might want to read the full set of pages starting here

Other bits to check or consider can be:

Click through for how to fix these problems

All these are possible to fix, it’ll just add a bit more time to do the job.  The extent of this work should be added to your “repair or replace” calculations.

Particular problems with Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding Sash window are now highly prized and many home owners will do all they can to retain them. Even the most damaged and rotton windows can be repaired although it can be a daunting prospect for even seasoned DIYer's. If you now how these windows are put together there's nothing to be scared off.

I'll be covering the repair of this window, from the Whitby cottage, proving how any window can be repaired. It will end up rebuilt, re-corded and draught proofed.

Draught proofing Sliding Sash Windows

Due to recent demand from homeowners wanting to retain "period features" but not wanting to put up with exessive heat loss there are now many systems available to upgrade sliding sash windows. There are also many companies offering to do this for you.

The installation of draught proofing strips and brushes is a DIY job. If you don't fancy trying it yourself have search here for someone to do it for you.

If you are repairing a sliding sash window, involving removing the sashes you have already done half the job, all you need are some replacment parting beads and staff beads, some additional seals and the right tools. There are many companies offing these parts, a search should find them.

Double Glazing Sliding Sash Windows

The tempation is there to upgrade old sliding sash windows with double glazing because we've been indoctrinated with the belief that double glazing will solve all lifes problems.

My advice is stop for minute and think.

New sashes can be made to succesfully carry double glazing. This is subject I will be covering in detail, including constructional plans.


Final Decision Repair or Replace the window?

So now you know what the actual extent of the repairs will be. Its time to decide whether it’s worth repairing or replacing the window.  On top of the time it’ll take here are a few other factors to throw in to the mix.

It’s up to you to make the final decision. You might just decide a quick repair, that might not last as long will buy you the time you need for replacement a few years down the line.



Replacing window parts

Fixing loose joints

Swollen sticking sashes

Fixing hinges

Then: Filling and sanding window repairs


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Please post any questions, comments or suggestions over on the blog


Window repairs intro and index

Investigating the extent of damage

Paint stripping windows

Making good a timber frame or sash

Other Window problems and considerations including sash window double glazing

Replacing window parts

Fixing loose joints

Swollen sticking sashes

Fixing hinges

Filling and sanding window repairs

Glazing and putty

Priming and painting