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How to Repair Rotten Window Frames and Sashes

sliding sash window for repairI’m always up for repairing rather than replacing if it makes sense.  When it comes to repairing rotten window frames and sashes I first weigh up the options.

I know I can make good, long lasting repairs to any type of timber window but then I’ve been doing it for years.  I hope, after you’ve read through these pages, that you will have the confidence to give it a go.  After all you could save yourself a lot money and keep your old or period windows.  With moderate DIY skills you can repair and restore windows that others would just rip out. 

You can learn about the simple steps you need to take to repair window frames and sashes. See some examples of simple and extreme window repairs I’ve been doing during our cottage renovation. And learn a few other window repair related tips and tricks.

I hope you find it you find useful, any comments or questions you might have I’ll try and answer over on the blog.

5 Steps to repair rotten timber window frames, sashes and cills (click through for all the details)

rotten window iconFull investigation to see exactly what a repair will need. Including: Deciding what to cut away and what to leave, Tips on stripping off old paint, so you can see what needs doing. Identifying other window problems.



repair window iconMaking good the timber frame or sash.Including: Cutting and shaping to fit in new pieces. Hardening timber to hold adhesives and fillers. Repairing loose joints on window sashes.  

Plus curing other window problems, double glazing and draught proofing:- replacing parts, fixing loose joints, swollen sticking sashes, fixing hinges


filling and sanding window repair iconFilling and Sanding window repairs. If the rot isn’t bad this might be the only step you need!





how to putty window iconGlazing and Putty. Tips to start mastering an age old skill.





window painting iconPriming and painting and my preferred alternative (Linseed).  I’m a convert to linseed oil based paints so I’ll do my best to convert you as well although I do cover the usual paints as well.




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Next: Investigating the extent of damage


Please post any questions, comments or suggestions over on the blog


Window repairs intro and index

Investigating the extent of damage

Paint stripping windows

Making good a timber frame or sash

Other Window problems and considerations including sash window double glazing

Replacing window parts

Fixing loose joints

Swollen sticking sashes

Fixing hinges

Filling and sanding window repairs

Glazing and putty

Priming and painting