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What is a Cherry Picker?

The kind of Cherry Picker were talking about here is the Access Platform type or MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform.  The term Cherry Picker harks back to the days when the early forms of this equipment were used in orchards to pick fruit from tree tops.  The technology has moved on a vast amount since those days, making modern Cherry Pickers almost unrecognisable from the early forms.

A Cherry Picker consists of Basket or Guarded Platform that the operator(s) stands in. The Basket is attached to an articulated or telescopic arm that can be raised and positioned using hydraulics.  The base of the arm, obviously, has to be mounted on a stable platform of some kind.Cherry Picker extended horizontal

The type of base gives rise to many of the distinctions between the types of Cherry Pickers available.  See Types of Cherry Pickers for the full descriptions and differences.

Cherry Pickers come in many different varieties to suit a wide range of applications. The specifications and capabilities have to be considered when choosing the right Cherry Picker for a particular job.  Although some Cherry Pickers are very versatile there is no single machine that will do everything that a contractor may want. For this reason Hiring or Rental of a Cherry Picker is a sensible solution that enables jobs to be completed in the most efficient and safest manner possible.

A good hire / rental company will offer advice on the best Cherry Picker for the job based on their in-depth knowledge and high standards of training. The hire company’s range of Cherry Pickers will be extremely well maintained and fitted with all the very latest safety features.  When choosing a Hire company for Cherry Pickers it’s a good idea to check that they can actually get the machine to you site when you need it, a broken promise could cost you dearly.

For hire of a Cherry Picker around Manchester and the North West of England I can recommend Astely Hire as company that won’t let you down.  They can also deliver any training you might need and an alternative to traditional insurance that will save you money.


Section Contents:

All about Cherry Pickers on iDoStuff (please read the notes)
What is a Cherry Picker
Types of Cherry Pickers
Cherry Picker Limitations
Cherry Picker Safety
IPAF Training for Cherry Pickers
IPAF Course Cost in Detail