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IPAF Training Prices - Course cost

So you know you need IPAF training and what it entails (if not have a look here) . You need to be able to show your PAL card and prove you are safe to do the job. So now you need to find a provider that sort you out at the right price and at the right time. This info is here to help you answer the following questions and to choose a good value training provider.

How much is an IPAF Ticket / Licence ?
IPAF 1b Training Course Cost ?
Price of IPAF 3b Training Course ?
IPAF 3a Scissor Lift PAL card cost ?

2 category 3a & 3b, 3a & 1b, 1b & 3b IPAF Cost ?
Cheap IPAF Training?

How much does it cost to get a PAL card?


I do stuff, on the marketing side with an IPAF training provider in the Northwest of England. These answers come from the research I've put in to this area, for more detailed info you can visit the Astley Hire IPAF Training Site or find out more from any other IPAF training provider.

If you don't see what you need on this page, enter your location to the search below:

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Note: Although I do have links to one company in particular I've tried to write the content without any particular bias.


Price for IPAF Training?

Lets get straight to it and give you an idea of the approximate price you can expect to pay A quick round up of prices published from various providers on the web (as of 2013) gives this rough guideline:

For a single person doing 1 IPAF category the course cost will be around £160 - £190 per person + vat

For a single person doing 2 IPAF categories the course cost will be around £170 - £220 per person + vat

IPAF Training in London will be at the top of this scale, regional prices will be lower

Discounts for booking a number of candidates on one day can bring the cost down to between £140 and £170 per person + vat

So there is quite a bit of variations in the advertised cost.


Explaining the Variability of IPAF Training Course Costs

Before you just go for the cheapest you can find there are a number of factors to consider. The resulting PAL Card might be the same but saving a shilling or two on the cheapest quote might cost you elsewhere.

What goes in to the cost of IPAF Training.

First we should consider the what costs go in to running a training course. Then you'll have an idea what might have been trimmed back to give you low cost IPAF training or indeed where the higher cost might be well spent.

The IPAF instructors wages - He or She has had to undergo rigorous training, assessment and refreshers to be qualified, all of which doesn't come cheap. Even though their qualifications might be the same, how they teach and pass rates can vary. So you will get more out of course when the instructor is experienced and well motivated. It's not quite "Pay peanuts and get monkeys" put you get the drift.

The machines you use during IPAF training - As you know these machines don't come cheap to either hire or buy or to maintain in good condition. When you doing the course you won't have much time individually on the practical side if there's only one machine available so it's important that time isn't spent with a machine at the end of it's service life. If it's a cheap quote you might not be on the kind or quality of machine you would expect to be using in real life.

The IPAF Training Centre - The facilities available and how well they are run can make a big a big difference to the training experience and the outcomes. You need to be comfortable and at ease to learn as much as you possibly can. Safety shouldn't come in to it but for that the instructor needs space that he can be in control off. In shared or crowded facilities it might need some careful planning that could be disrupted and effect the course.

IPAF registration and other costs - The registration and issuing of cards is a fixed cost for all trainees. So it shouldn't be a variable but do check it's included if you see a really low price. Just like budget airlines, sometimes the headline price isn't what you end up paying. Even a few cups of coffee and refreshments might tip the balance.

Backroom costs - It'll not just be the instructor who'll need paying for, there's staff in the background as well. In the office someone will have, hopefully done a good job answering questions, sorting out the booking and organised the whole process to run with minimum fuss for yourself. And don't forget the drivers, fitters and even cleaners that have a hand in the training day. You're probably in business to yourself and you know that eventually skimping shows through crack at some point.

After the Overheads and Variable costs, there has to be profit - After all, this is a business, it should be the motivation behind providing you with a good service. Hopefully the provider will be spending on giving you a good value course without taking excessive profits. It'll be hard to tell if this is the case but be aware that the price doesn't always reflect the quality, this could apply to big training companies where a small loss of reputation can be swallowed as well as to "fly by night" operations. Try finding a company that really values it reputation.


I've seen it so often when the search for the lowest cost for a one off expense gets ridiculous. Hours searching, ringing round, arranging on inconvenient days, traveling miles away. OK they might save on one budget but they'll have spent any savings elsewhere.

It is a competitive market so, if you've found a company that can trust to deliver what you need when you need it just get it booked. The goal here should be get yourself or your staff on-site, working well, with the right qualification and with least fuss.

That is what a good IPAF Training provider will deliver.


When is IPAF Cherry Picker Training Available?

The calendar shows the dates when course places are currently available to get your PAL Card at an IPAF Training centre near Manchester. Contact the company, Astley Hire to book or enquire about other IPAF training dates that may be available.

I'm happy to recommend Astley Hire because they do have a excellent all round customer focus.

For IPAF training availability from providers in other areas please visit their websites or contact them directly.

Just a location to this search

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Dates for IPAF Cherry Picker IPAF Scissor Lift Courses Plus PASMA training

Cherry Picker and IPAF Training questions answered

I hope this has given you a little insight in to the training courses for Cherry Pickers and Scissor Lifts. Hopefully you've got answers to the initial questions and you're better equipped to approach a training provider to get idea of the IPAF course costs.

I'm sure the good providers will be able to answer any further questions you might have.

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Types of Cherry Pickers
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