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For the fight against West Bromwich Buy to Let Mortgage Tracker rate hike

Images to illustrate stories about the West Bromwich BTL Mortgage rate hike.

The images are copyright but all not for profit uses to promote the cause of fighting the unfair actions of banks and the like, are allowed in fact positively encouraged!

Please Facebook, tweet, blog, and rally support for the action being organised at If you are directly affected, you need to join the class action ASAP

For commercial use please read the meta data. High res version



RIP Faith in West Bromwich, Trust in Banks Died

Banking graveyard, faith in West Bromwich died when they used unfair contract terms to force up the mortgages costs for thousands of borrowers. Trust in Banks in general suffered a final blow as regulators stand by and do nothing.


RIP Faith in West Bromwich 1849 to 2013

Sadly missed, all faith in West Bromwich Building Society passed away in 2013. After a long illness the management decided to destroy any remaining ethical standards.

Trust in the banking sector dead

As the rest of the banking sector buried any trust left in the sector by watching to see if they could do the same, the regulators and politicians sent flowers and words of condolence.


For more information and to join the fight against this blatant profiteering you need to visit:

All affected customers should commit to class action NOW!

The all important contract documents for the affected West Bromwich BTL "Tracker" mortgages can be seen here. See if you think the rise is legal.


If you have any comments about this page please skip over to the Blog, I look forward to hearing from you.