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Is a Wood Burner Worth it ?

Wood burning Stove



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Wood Burning Stove – Money Wise Conclusion

Oh dear – If your costs are similar to the averages I’ve used for the “is it worth it – money wise” calculation then the answer is a resounding NO!

Flame in a  Wood burning stove

Running a wood burning stove with these figures will cost an additional £301 per year.

Running Cost of logs and sundries £600 – gas saving £299 = £301 Loss and you’ll not cover any of the £1900+ purchase and installation costs.

To make it financially viable we need to change the running cost figure.

There are three ways to reduce the running costs.

1. Don’t use the log burner or use it less.

2. Get cheaper logs, or better still free logs.

This is the route we’ve taken. Our Log cost is £280, and we are £19 per year in the black giving us 100 years payback on the initial investment. Buying logs this cheaply however involves a lot of time, effort and space.

3. Burn the logs more efficiently.

Assuming the logs are as seasoned and dry as possible, the greatest efficiency is with the fire burning at full power.

I’ve still got some minor improvements to make to our storage and log moisture content. I’ve also got some ideas about burning more efficiently. (more later)

So Why Is Log Burning Becoming so Popular

I’ll freely admit it, we never really calculated the running cost. We did loads of research but never actually considered how much wood you need to burn. It’s not mentioned on the sales websites, It’s a fact that is glossed over.

Without the running cost in the picture, the environmental and lifestyle attractions take over.

Have a look at Living with a Wood Burning stove- Environment Wise and Living with a Wood Burning stove– Lifestyle Wise, to get an idea of what these factors really entail.


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