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Wood burning Stove



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Wood Burning Stove - Running Costs

The more you use your wood burning stove, the more you will save. This statement makes the assumption you are replacing your normal heating source of gas (or oil, electric etc.).

So if you’re just using the stove as an occasional supplement for cosy nights in, the following won’t really apply.

I’ll use our situation as the example and point out possible variations, you can scale it up or down to suit your circumstances.

Our Circumstances –

The Gas Central heating will come on for about an hour in morning September to April (ish). Most of the rest of the Heating is supplied by our wood burning stove. The central heating does cick in occassionally on really cold days.

We have the stove fired up for approximately –

The rate of fuel logs consumed does vary, more about that in Learning to Live with a Log Burner. The logs next to fire in this picture will last three cold days.

Logs next to log burner

We buy 8 builders bags of mixed (hard and soft wood) split logs to last us the season. Plus a few bits I gather myself.

To give you an idea of what this is like in stacked volume, here’s 2/3 of our annual logs.

Log store pile

The load this year cost me £280. This works out to £35 per bag.

Yes it’s a good price but –

You could pay more than £100 per one meter cubed builders bag of fully seasoned hardwood. This should be ready to burn straight away.

You will need a good supply of kindling as well. I’ve got a good supply from off cuts, pallets etc. If you have to buy it, you might need to spend another £50.

For the purpose of our “Is it worth it?” calculation I’ll use a mid price of £500 for the cost of fuel logs.

Adding the cost of an annual sweep at £40, kindling, fire lighters, gloves, matches, seal repairs etc. the total running cost could easily reach £600.


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