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Stove Installation Cost

How long is a piece string? The cost of installing a wood burning stove can be anything from about £200 to £3000+.

Are you are lucky enough to have a suitable chimney, hearth, ventilation?

Probably not. If you are lucky then a DIY job to the building regulations and an inspection from your local Building Control Officer might cost as little as £200.

Needing a proper wood burning stove installation?

The chances are that your chimney / flue will not be suitable and Ultimately DANGEROUS. The installation of flues and wood burning stoves are regulated by Document J Building Regulations. Have a look through and see if you are up to designing and installing a safe job. If you’re not confident, get an expert in. (note: They should be HETAS registered solid fuel installers)

If you have a chimney, previously used for an open coal fire, you could be looking at £500+ for a DIY job (read more about DIY Stove installation here). Including the flue liner, flue fittings, stove pipe, register plate, cowl. For a professional installation it would be £1000+. (Not counting work on the opening and hearth or the actual stove)

Components to fit a flexible flue linerFlue liner top plate and clampSEE this PAGE for more details, price to install a flexible flue liner.

In situations where a new chimney needs creating from scratch by a professional, the cost is likely to exceed £2000 for an external, insulated, stainless steel flue.

For the purpose of our “Is it worth it?” calculation I’ll use a low to mid price of £1000 for the wood burner installation.


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