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Wood burning Stove



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Choosing the Right Stove – What Features

Wood Burning only or Multi fuel?

A dedicated wood burner can be the most efficient so It’s worth considering if you’re never going to want to burn coal, coke or peat.

A good Multi fuel stove however can be more efficient than a poor dedicated wood burner. A Multi fuel stove gives you option to burn fossil fuels or peat if necessary. Of course we don’t want to do that because of the environmental issue. However, burning coal efficiently in your home can be less polluting than burning coal in a power station, converting it to electricity and then transporting it to your house to power a heater.

Something else to consider – You can burn “approved” smokeless fossil fuels legally in a smokeless zone.


If you want to see the flames, the stove needs a window that stays clean(ish). So Yes of course you want Airwash. This pulls air into the stove that blows across the window so when it’s working right the soot and tar doesn’t reach the glass.

Clean burning

Oh yes please. Of course, the cleaner the better. “Clean burning” is a marketing term it’s not a quantifiable standard. It refers to a system where additional air is introduced to the gasses above the fire, allowing more combustion. This burns off more of the gasses that would have gone up the chimney. So it should give a higher heat output for the same amount of wood.

Exempt appliance

If you live in a “Smoke Control Area” you are only allowed to burn wood in an approved appliance. An approved appliance is a stove that has been tested to prove that the emissions can be below a certain level. If it’s not an approved appliance you’re only allowed to burn approved smokeless fuels. That is the LAW so with the list of approved appliances being added to all the time, is it worth going for a cheaper stove when you could be caught and fined for burning wood?


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