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Living with a Wood Burner – Lifestyle Wise

This is the crux of the matter. There’s no doubt that real fire warms on the inside as much as it warms your home. It’s something we enjoy.

Wood burning embers

It’s possibly a primitive feeling but I’d say nostalgia plays a leading part in the emotion. In my experience however, this nostalgia is a false view of by-gone times.

I remember the by-gone times for real. For 3 years I relied on a coal burning fire for heating and hot water. Keeping a fire in all day when you’re out and then again over night is a real burden, it doesn’t fit in with modern lifestyles. It was a necessary chore, with no pleasure attached at all. Cleaning out and setting a fire when you get back in from work is pain when all you want is a meal a bath and bed. If I’m to hark back to the past I’d rather be one of the gentry with servants looking after the necessities for comfortable living.

That said, it’s the image of sitting round a fire with with friends and family that endures.

Gathering round a roaring fire in the depths of winter is an evocative pleasure. Its something we all seem to share. The feeling of wellbeing it brings is extremely appealing.

It might just be a man thing, I like playing with fire. It makes a down to earth contrast to all the technology we have to cope with on a daily basis. Modern stoves with air vents to adjust, adds to pleasure of being in control. A wood burning stove is technology that works in a tangible way, we can see, feel and understand what is happening.

The skill of providing one of the necessities for life, independently, with your own hands, is gratifying. The dominant lifestyle of the Twenty first century is centred on selling our time, to earn, to spend, to purchase the necessities of living. A log burning fire, to a greater or lesser degree, is a subversion of this way of living. If you gather your own wood you subvert the commerce and are left with, using time to provide the necessity directly.

The Lifestyle of living with a log burner probably sits well with Lifestyle choice of an allotment grower and cook putting in the effort to provide directly. With the demand for allotments going through the roof at the moment, it looks like there’s a real need for a growing number of people to make this connection.

Time is what you have to sacrifice to your fire. For me it’s time better spent than vegetating in front of the telly. Sometimes it’s a bind when I’m busy on something else but it’s never got to the stage of being a chore which I resent. I’ve got the gas central heating to fall back on so this use of my time is still a choice.

I’m currently working on some self improvement, personal development. One of the thoughts I’m holding is “Do More Positive, Do Less Negative”. In my head, spending time running a wood burner is a good, positive choice, watching telly and paying to burn fossil fuel is negative. Making the choice to spend some of my time to live with a log burner is part of a bigger picture. I’m sure this is true for many others.

Is Living with a Wood Burner worth it, Lifestyle Wise?

For us YES it is.

When you have made the Lifestyle choice to live with a wood burner:

You will have taken a positive step away from your reliance on factors that are out of your control.

You can cock a snoop at the price of gas, power cuts, monthly direct debits, security of supply etc.

You get a direct connection with the work needed to give you and your family warmth.

You’ll get a bit more exercise.

You, your family and friends (and dogs in our case) will get pleasure as well warmth.

You’ll be “Doing More Positive and Doing Less Negative”

If you want convienience and don’t spend much time at home then living with a log burner isn't going to work for you.


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