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Is a Wood Burner Worth it ?

Wood burning Stove



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Conclusions. Is a Wood Burner Worth It?

Is a wood burning stove worth it – Money wise

If you are paying for good quality logs, ready to burn then NO. It will cost more to run than a good gas central heating system.

If you can get a cheap supply of fuel, you have the storage space and the wait for the logs to fully season. YES you can break even on the running costs but probably never pay back the purchase and installation costs.

If you’ve got a good supply of free wood, you’re quids in with a log burner. The more you use it, the more you’ll save. You’ll payback the installation costs within 3 – 4 years.

If you have an oil fired or inefficient gas boiler, the calculations will swing a bit in favour of the wood burning stove. If you want to save money, do what you can to increase your insulation and install an efficient central heating system.

Read the Wood Burner – money wise calculations starting here

Is a wood burning stove worth it – Environmentally

YES with caveats.

Trees have to be grown to replace the wood we burn.

Naturally seasoned local wood with a minimum of fossil fuelled transport miles is best.

An increase in locally managed woodland results from the fuel demand.

You burn the wood efficiently therefore reducing pollutants to a minimum.

Wood burning isn’t a substitute for heat conservation, insulation and draught proofing.

Read the Wood Burner – Environmental argument here

Is a wood burning stove worth it – As a Lifestyle Choice.

Wood burning fits well in to choice many people are taking to reduce their reliance on a purely commercial way of life. It’s a step that can be taken without actually giving anything up, apart from time.

If you are thinking along these lines then it's a step towards changing that can be appreciated by family and friends.

It’s not a lifestyle choice for some, although I’m sure there’s many who get the hardware and don’t use it much, for them it’s an aesthetic style choice.

If you want to make real changes to your lifestyle then it’s going to work for you and bring something new and positive to the way you live.

YES it’s worth it, if you’re thinking along the same lines as us.

Read the Wood Burner – Lifestyle choices here

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Conclusions. Is a Wood Burner Worth It?