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Is a Wood Burner Worth it ?

Wood burning Stove



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Living with a Wood Burning Stove

Fire and logs

There’s plenty of advice out there from companies selling wood burning stoves. If you’re considering buying a stove, our experience as users will give you an independent view.

We’ve been living with a Wood Burner for two years. The initial novelty has worn off and now we can reflect on the question. “Has it been worth it?”

That’s a tough question to answer it depends on how we define worth.

Have a read through and see if the wood burning life is the life for you.

Living with a Wood Burning Stove – Money Wise

I’m fairly frugal, part of the justification for installing and running a Wood Burning stove was for the monetary saving.

Does it save us money? - Yes… but…

I’ve expanded on the price, installation costs, fuel costs, running costs

Living with a Wood Burning Stove - Environment Wise

There’s no doubt it’s made the second biggest dent to our family CO2 output.

Wood as a fuel is regarded as virtually carbon neutral as long as new trees are grown at the rate old ones are cut down. So the carbon is regarded as being in a loop.

Living with a Wood Burning Stove – Lifestyle Wise

For ourselves and others with wood burners this is the crux of the “is it worth it” argument.

We might say “it’s cheaper” or “it’s saving the planet”. The crucial desire to have and feed a real fire at the heart of a home is the real deciding factor.

This desire is the major motivation to put the effort in. It’s so easy to let the gas central heating come on compared to carrying logs, emptying the ash pan and lighting a fire.

It’s a daily choice for us, I’ve compare it to when my only choice was a solid fuel fire.

Coming soon, information on:

Learning to Live with a Wood Burner

This is something I thought would be so easy but there’s a lot skill and knowledge you need to make the most of your stove. We’ve learnt a lot about buying wood, storing, lighting fires and burning wood. It’s only common sense when you know how the whole process works. I think we’ve still got a way to go but its getting easier as time goes by.

Choosing and Installing a Wood Burning Stove

Yes you can buy a cheap stove and install it on the cheap. BUT you could break the law, never save money, never save the environment or enjoy the lifestyle wanted. Getting it wrong will cause you problems and could put you off for life. I’ve gathered a few tips together and some advice for choosing and installing a satisfying addition to your home.


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Living with a Wood Burner

Money Wise - Living with a Wood Burner

Choose the Right Stove – What Size

Choosing the Right Stove – What Features

Choosing the Right Stove – What Style

Choosing the Right Stove – What Price

Stove Installation Cost

Wood Burning Stove - Running Costs

Living with a Wood Burner Worth it–Summary

Living with a Wood Burner Worth it–Conclusions

Environment Wise - Living with a Wood Burner

Lifestyle Wise - Living with a Wood Burner

Conclusions. Is a Wood Burner Worth It?