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"Woody" The Wooden Motorcycle

This isn't a project of mine but it's friend's efforts to win a £20 bet. I had to build a dream of mine, a motorbike based trike before he finished his dream of motorbike made of wood.

Kierans woody wooden motorbike

700 hours of blood sweat and tears later and he's nearly earned his £20. It's an awesome custom bike build. If he'd got the engine running it would have won the best in show at the first bike rally he took it to.... and won the bet.

Wooden motorcycle

There is a bit steel in there, reinforcing some of stress point but essentially it's a timber frame, forks, wheels, bars, lights and tank cover. AND YES..

wood mortorbike helmet

To top it off a wooden bike helmet.

Kieran is mad, he knows he's mad but he doesn't let that get in the way of building something 100% unique and almost practical. (MSVA, bike insurance, MOT aren't high on the practicality list)

Timber motorbike frame

The glue-lam frame has enough beef to it for the 600cc v twin and his own 18 stone. You might have seen little wooden motorbikes before but nothing like this. This is a big boys toy.

Timber handle bars on wooden bike

Those are 48" handle bars. Steamed and laminated.

The tank cover is almost 2 feet 600mm wide. Massive though it is the proportions are perfect and the Celtic knot piercing really sets it off.

Wood motorcycle suspension

From a distance it looks like a hard tail. Close inspection reveals the suspension. To absorb the potentially damaging knocks to the frame he had some springs made up to mount the rear wheel.

wood bike front wheel

Is this cheating? I say no! the rim is alloy but only so the tubeless tires have got something practical to sit on. Between the hub and rim it's all wood!

timber built motor cycle

I'll have to remember not to make drunken bets with extremely capable Irishmen.


Any comments or questions about this fantastic custom motorbike? Nip over here.