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Sliding Sash Revival

This where my story started. Our house was built around 1880. The original sash windows where ripped out and replaced timber casement windows in the late 70’s. So after nearlly a hundred years the house got a “new” look. We’ve needed another set of windows now for the last 5 years as the 70’s replacements have rotted. It’s a job that I should only have to do once and I want the house to look right for it's age.

It became clear to me that the easy option of plastic uPVC wasn’t going to fulfill any of the “timeless” and longevity criteria. The promises of the double glazing salesmen that there products are maintainance free is blatently untrue. It’s looking like 20 years is a good lifespan for these plastic products. Some folks also object to environmental issues involved with plastic production.

Harder to admit, when I consider myself to be very practical with money spending decisions, but the idea of putting the house back to it’s former style does appeal to me. The wife is even more adamat on this point. And of course nowerdays estate agents tell us that sliding sashes will add to the properties value, not that we are looking to sell.

Factors similar to ours have seen an explosion in the demand and supply of sash windows across the country. Loads of companies are now in on the market. Including the uPVC suppliers who are selling plastic versions.

uPVC sash window

uPVC (very poor) imitation of a sliding sash window

The quality of products available seems to vary enormousely. I fear, in a few years time many customers will be dissapointed with the performance.

If you have views on this subject, please drop me a comment

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