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Vehicle Mounted Cherry Pickers

van mounted cherry pickerThe most common type seen by the general public is truck, van or lorry mounted.  Small Cherry Pickers are often used by Local Authorities and Utility Companies to maintain or install their overhead infrastructure such as street lighting and telecoms.  These Cherry Pickers are installed on specially adapted commercial vehicles fitted with outrigger stabilisers or feet which are lowered and pressed to ground to override the vehicles road suspension.  The vehicle is no longer mobile and the base for the cherry picker is stable.

large tuck mounted cherry picker

Larger versions are used for extreme high reach applications where vehicle access is possible. These are mounted on purpose built lorry or truck chassis, the largest can reach over 112m in height (Bronto skylift) however 40 to 60m is more suitable for a wider range of applications.  These machines give rapid access allowing any number of maintenance or installation job to be carried out quickly with minimum disruption. Special Truck mounted versions are used by fire and rescue services where fast access is require to save lives and property.





Other types of Cherry Picker:

Vehicle Mounted Cherry Pickers
Trailer Mounted Cherry Pickers
Self-Propelled Cherry Pickers
All-Terrain Self-Propelled Cherry Pickers

Section Contents:

All about Cherry Pickers on iDoStuff (please read the notes)
What is a Cherry Picker
Types of Cherry Pickers
Cherry Picker Limitations
Cherry Picker Safety
IPAF Training for Cherry Pickers
IPAF Course Cost in Detail