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Trailer Mounted Cherry Pickers

For cost and convenience a trailer mounted Cherry Picker can be the favoured option for a number of applications.  

Road towable trailer mounted cherry picker

The hydraulic arm is mounted on a road towable trailer so a small van of car can tow the Cherry Picker on to site. When in position the outriggers are set up to give a wide footprint and stable base.  Options are available to power the Cherry Picker hydraulics with 12v battery power or a small petrol engine.  Typical reach heights are around 17m and an outreach of 9m. 

With these machines you don’t need a dedicated vehicle or a heavy duty flatbed to get the machine on site.  Being fairly light weight they are easy to position and because stability comes from the out riggers it is possible to set up safely on uneven ground as long (as the ground is stable).

Trailer cherry picker with outriggers

For more information visit Trailer Mounted Cherry Picker including the cost of hire

Other types of Cherry Picker:

Vehicle Mounted Cherry Pickers
Trailer Mounted Cherry Pickers
Self-Propelled Cherry Pickers
All-Terrain Self-Propelled Cherry Pickers

Section Contents:

All about Cherry Pickers on iDoStuff (please read the notes)
What is a Cherry Picker
Types of Cherry Pickers
Cherry Picker Limitations
Cherry Picker Safety
IPAF Training for Cherry Pickers
IPAF Course Cost in Detail